I’m a generalist interested in creating tools that become a part of people’s lives

The open web democratised the creation of software, but increasingly, the best of this ends up in the hands of a just a lucky few

Put tech within reach

With the rapid advancement of absolutely everything, it can be very easy for individuals and small businesses to be left behind. Without the ability to invest on an in-house tech team, or big-name SaaS solutions, smaller teams miss out on little ways digital tools can improve their days.

Much like a cable subscription, business software can end up including a lot of what you don’t need. This inflates both the cost and the learning curve. Custom tools made to order can often meet smaller needs far better than an off-the-shelf solution.

Improve systems

From “that’s a bad choice” to “what led to that bad choice”—thinking in systems focuses attention on where our tools interact with people’s lives. We can then work towards solutions that have the biggest impact. We can ask users what they are going through before what they are trying to do.

Systemic solutions meet users where they are. They can have a more holistic impact than prescriptive, targeted features. Importantly, they can involve the user at all stages, getting the user to be invested in the product’s success.


Aside from this, I love food and travel. I’ve visited 25 countries and lived in 6. I’m a hobbyist photographer, and share copyright free on Unsplash.

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