Sr Product Designer at Paytm Insider   •   2019

From meeting expectations to introducing delight

Paytm Insider is an app that sells tickets to concerts and sporting events. We are adding movie tickets to our offering. Because this is a mature and saturated market with big existing apps, it is important to meet basic user expectations before adding features for delight.

My role
  • Wireframe the user flow
  • UI Design
  • User onboarding
  • Develop a smooth buying flow
  • Research user habits
  • Find a differentiating feature
  • Fewer steps in buy flow
  • Better movie discovery
  • Social sharing

The challenge

Competitor apps are already a great experience

Paytm Insider is a entertainment ticketing app for concerts, sports travel, and more. We were moving into a new space: movies. Movies are a mature space for online ticketing, so there was a large, existing set of user expectations to meet. We wanted to meet and improve people’s base expectations for a ticket buying experience, and find a key new feature that would differentiate us from the competition.

The team

Being a new marquee feature, this involved a large cross-functional team from business relationships, product roadmaps and backend teams, to product design and app development on iOS and Android.

Expectation & delight
The Kano Model

Chart of the Kano Model showing the large amount of initial effort required to meet minimum user expectations with a new product

Although satisfaction can be a single scale from frustration to delight, no amount of delightful features can make up for disappointing basic user needs. Expectations are boring but you can fail at them, and the best case is often a lukewarm “it works”. That’s the minimum bar you have to hit before delight is a possibility.

With a new product, our primary goal was to meet the expectations current users had of a movie ticket booking experience. Step one was to learn how people bought tickets.

Champagne with breakfast cannot make up for a hot air balloon that doesn’t fly

How people want to book tickets

Getting a seat at the table

Our parent company had already been selling movie tickets that gave us a quantitative insight into customer buying trends. Key takeaways were:

  • Most people buy tickets within a day or two of their show, not earlier

  • Repeat buyers often return to their favourite theatre

With this as a starting point, we conducted user interviews to discover what factors influenced a decision and the order in which those factors mattered.

In order of priority, factors were: date, movie, showtime & theatre

Counter to our expectation that the movie was a movie goer’s first decision, more people had a day in mind (often weekends), and then looked at what movies were running on that day. So we introduced a top-level date selector reducing the disappointment of selecting a movie and finding it was sold out, or wasn’t even out yet!

We also found people often compared multiple theatres for showtimes and were able to pull that information forward to our list screen. You can then, pick a date, find a movie and compare theatre showtimes, all on one powerful screen. In some cases, a single click could take you straight to seat selection.

A single screen of information that gets you to your seatmap in one click

The unexpected and the delightful

Joining a friendly conversation

Once we had a functioning buy flow, we broke down the user journey to find touchpoints that we could improve for the movie experience. Ideal candidates would be areas that we had information for that users were solving a different way.

Two areas we chose were trailers and confirmations with friends. Both were areas that required no additional content creation from us, were spaces we had value to add, and would allow the Paytm Insider app to be a stronger part of the user’s journey.

Mapping a user journey for a night out at the movies

Trailer mode

Discover movies where you can buy tickets

YouTube trailers were most often people’s first touchpoint with a film. However they are disconnected from the ticket buying experience. To most ticket apps, trailers were an end-point or an extra feature, not core to discovery. If people were discovering movies this way, we wondered if it could be a way people shopped for tickets.

Trailer mode let’s you watch a stream of trailers of both current and upcoming releases. You can swipe over to the next trailer, jump straight into the buying flow, or elect to be notified when tickets are on sale. Trailers across the app launch into trailer mode, so it’s a core feature, and we even have a dedicated option for only upcoming releases to get you hyped!

Seat share

Discussing the most important decision

During seat selection, especially with larger groups, people often conferred through WhatsApp groups on the best seats, and confirmed dates and times. The easiest way to do this was a simple screenshot of the app. However, often that meant missing part of the seatmap or not having some key details visible.

So we created a seat map share button. It generates a map of the entire theatre, with the selected seats highlighted and all movie details summarised. All ready to be shared anywhere.

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